Welcome to the Cherry Blossom
Intertie Repeater System


The Cherry Blossom Intertie is comprised of six full time linked repeaters that provide radio coverage over a large portion of Central and South Georgia. The intertie main repeater is located in Macon, GA.

The repeaters are located so that overlap coverage provides for continuous radio service. As an example, two mobile stations are traveling; one just north of Forsyth on I-75 on 147.315 and the other on I-16 in Dublin on 145.150. A third station is listening south of Warner Robins on 145.430 and joins in conversation with the two stations. The linking of these repeaters allows all stations to hold a full quieting conversation.

Linked repeaters work a bit different in that all the repeaters in the system have to key up before your transmission can travel through the repeaters. In order to ensure that your transmissions are not clipped while the repeaters are keying up, please key your mic and wait one second, then proceed with your voice transmission. This simple one second delay will make sure the other party you are talking with hears every word you say. A second techique that works very well is while the microphone is in your lap, key the mic. By the time the mic gets to your mouth all of the repeaters would have had time to key up and you would simply conduct your conversation.

This is an open repeater system. Everyone is welcome to use the repeaters. Talk it up!

When an emergency net is active please remember to respect the direction of the net control operator and be ready to assist with weather reports and other traffic handing messages.

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to hearing you real soon on any of the repeaters.

73’s to each of you from the Cherry Blossom Intertie repeaters.